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Best Tamarindo Mexican Candy – A Review of the Top 8 Picks

Tamarind is more than a fruit – it’s a blend of sweet and sour flavors, added with tartaric acid and plenty of vitamin B. But when this flavor comes in candies, it makes them even more delicious! Yes, I am talking about Tamarindo Mexican Candy!

I am sure you’ve enjoyed the Mexican chocolate candies I suggested in my recent review. Here I am with my best picks for tamarind-flavored Mexican candies. But before I reveal my choices for the best Tamarind Mexican Candy, I must mention that these candies are from the top candy sellers in Mexico.

Moreover, you’ll get your favorite flavors nicely blended with tamarind to give you the best! I will review each candy based on its taste, serving size, texture, item and how it should be eaten.

So, stick to this brief yet helpful review until your favorite tamarind flavored Mexican candies end.  

Tamarindo Mexican Candy – List of our Top 8 Picks in 2024

Here are the best tamarindo Mexican candies I’ve chiefly selected to review for you. Let’s check what’s so special about them one by one.

Don Turinos Tamarindo Tracitos Con Chili – The Best Spicy Tamarindo Mexican Candy

Don Turinos Tamarindo Candies as best tamarindo mexican candy

The first on my list is Tamarindo Tracitos Con Chili from Don Turinos due to its perfect Spicy Tamarindo flavor. I started eating Tamarindo flavor after trying this natural Tamarindo flavor candy.

With a perfect blend of tangy tamarind and savory grounded chili, this chewy candy comes in a small snack size. If you like sweet and sour candies, then this is for you. Its taste is very tantalizing, which makes you crave it more.

Enriched with the taste of tropical tamarind, the candy starts out sweet, followed by tangy and tangy flavors. As time passes, its taste becomes a perfect mixture of sweet and sour, and your taste-buds crave more.

This candy is special because it contains natural ingredients with no added preservatives or sugar. So, what you get in the package is all organic!

The only thing I found annoying about it is that the candy contains tamarind seeds. Which must have been removed.


Item FormNatural
BrandDon Turinos
FlavorTamarindo and Chili
Product Weight8.5 oz
Customer Reviews3.9 ★★★★☆
Details for Don Turinos Tamarindo Tracitos Con Chili

What a Random User Says About It

These are so good and addicting. This is my third purchase so far, and let me tell you, they only last for 1-2 days because I can’t stop eating them.

For the quickest home delivery, you may order it on Amazon.

I may earn a small commission through the Amazon Affiliate Program if you decide to purchase this item.

LORENA-PELON PELO RICO Tamarind Candy Bottles – Hot Selling on Amazon

LORENA PELON PELO RICO Image for My Mexican Food

The quest for Tamarindo Mexican candy is incomplete with Pelon Pelo Rico from Lorena. It comes in jelly form and is one of the best-selling items in Mexico. The squeezable bottles are filled with Tamarindo flavored jelly to make your day.

It has a very pleasant, spicy flavor that you will find in no other candy. Being a soft jelly, its ingredients blend perfectly to give you a gentle, sour texture of natural tamarinds. With its special Mexican flavors, it would be your friends and family’s favorite snack for every special moment: Christmas, a birthday party, a picnic party or even a road trip with your loved ones.

When you open the cap, the soft tamarind-flavored jelly comes out as strings of joy when the plastic bottle is squeezed. It is very easy to carry and creates no mess at all.


Item FormJelly
Product Weight10 Oz / Container
Customer Reviews4.6 ★★★★☆
Details for LORENA-PELON PELO RICO Tamarind Candy Bottles

What a Random User Says About It

I am in love with these candies. The flavor is amazing—a sweet yet spicy concoction. I was so happy when my daughter said that it was too spicy for her to eat because that meant that they all were for me. Lol, 5 stars for sure…

For the quickest home delivery, you may order it on Amazon.

I may earn a small commission through the Amazon Affiliate Program if you decide to purchase this item.

Vero Rellerindos – Amazon’s Choice for Best Tamarindo Mexican Candy

Vero Rellerindos Best Mexican Tamarindo Candy

If you are a Mexican candy lover, then you can’t be unfamiliar with Pinatas. Vero Rellerindos is the best hard candy by Pinatas, which comes in Tamarindo flavor. It is hard outside but soft inside, making each bite the most unique and delicious experience.

I found no better option for sweet and zesty candies than this in my search for Mexican candies! That said, eating too many tamarind-flavored candies can cause cuts on your tongue, so you’ve got to be careful not to eat all at once.

One thing I must mention here is that I have tried this candy from local and online marketplaces. But I could find the original taste from a couple of online stores. Others might have an old stock of it because they miss the first taste I tried.

But worry not; I will mention the best Amazon seller for Vero Rellerindos, so you always get a fresh pack for your sweet and sour Tamarindo Mexican candy cravings.


Item FormHard Candy
Product Weight24.7 Oz
Customer Reviews4.6 ★★★★☆
Details for Vero Rellerindos By

What a Random User Says About It

I’ve Been looking for these forever. I decided to buy them online, and I’m happy with my purchase. I love these little candies.

For the quickest home delivery, you may order it on Amazon.

I may earn a small commission through the Amazon Affiliate Program if you decide to purchase this item.

Pellizco Tama Roca – The Best Natural Tamarind Candy with Salt and Chili

Pellizco Tama Roca Image for My Mexican Food

How could we not talk about Pellizco Tama Roca when enlisting the best tamarindo Mexican Candies! The Tama-Roca from Pellizco is a chili tamarind flavored sweet and sour stick that is very easy to eat by people of any age. This natural tamarind fruit candy complements your parties and will add joyous flavor to your moments.

It’s a very soft and pulpy natural tamarind fruit candy perfectly blended with spicy chili pepper and sour salt. Moreover, as the candy is from original fruit, not artificial flavor, you may see occasional seeds, but that’s not deal-breaking. Is it?

Lastly, the pack contains 40 pieces weighing 28.2 oz, enough to leave a great impression on your guests. Tama Roca is Pellizco’s signature product and has become very popular as the best Mexican sour candy.

Note: the package, when left in the sun for a longer period, may melt, so it is better to place these candies in the shade and at room temperature to preserve their real goodness.


Item FormSoft Stick
FlavorTamarind and Chili
Product Weight0.70 Oz / Piece
Customer Reviews4.3 ★★★★☆
Details for Pellizco Tama Roca

What a Random User Says About It

I love this candy! The bag was bigger than I expected, and I couldn’t be happier! The flavor is on point!

For the quickest home delivery, you may order it on Amazon.

I may earn a small commission through the Amazon Affiliate Program if you decide to purchase this item.

El Azteca’s Cucharita Rica – The Tastiest Tamarindo Flavored Spoon

El Azteca’s Cucharita Rica Best Mexican Tamarindo Candy

Cucharita Rica from El Azteca is another Amazon’s choice for the best Tamarindo Mexican candy. It comes in a paste form packed in a plastic spoon. I like this candy for its pure Tamarindo fruit flavor blended with lemon juice packed in a convenient spoon. Cucharita Rica has a coarse sugar texture which makes you feel like you are sucking on sweet and sour sandpaper.

It’s special because this yummy tamarind-flavored candy comes with a regular plastic spoon. When you use it, your food tastes extra tasty and tangy—like a fun adventure for your taste buds! Plus, the spoon is strong and easy to hold, so you can scoop up your food without problems.

You must try this tamarind spoon—it’s a must-have for making eating time extra delicious and fun!


Item FormPaste
BrandEl Azteca
Product Weight4.3 oz / pack
Customer Reviews4.3 ★★★★☆
Details for El Azteca’s Cucharita Rica

What a Random User Says About It

This is by far the best candy I have ever had, and came like promised, which is 12. For the price absolutely worth it. Spicy, sweet, and some lemon here and there. Wonderful! Will buy again!

For the quickest home delivery, you may order it on Amazon.

I may earn a small commission through the Amazon Affiliate Program if you decide to purchase this item.

Churro Loko by Generic – Best Soft and Chewy Mexican Tamarindo candy

Churro loko for mexican tamarindo candy

At six on my list of the best 8 Mexican Tamarindo candies, let’s try Churro Loko Tamarindo flavored Mexican Candy! It’s a yummy treat that’s fruity, spicy, and tangy all at once. Each bag has lots of soft candies that taste like tamarind, a kind of fruit with a special flavor.

You can eat them alone or with your favorite fruits, peanuts, or chips. They’re just like the popular Mexican candy Golos but a bit softer. These candies come in a big bag to keep them fresh and tasty. Whether you’re having a party or want a tasty snack, Churro Loko Tamarindo candies are delicious!


Item FormSoft, Chewy Candy
Product Weight14.10 Oz
Customer Reviews3.3 ★★★☆☆
Details for Churro Loko

For the quickest home delivery, you may order it on Amazon.

I may earn a small commission through the Amazon Affiliate Program if you decide to purchase this item.

De la Rosa X-Picy Pulparindo – The Best Extra Spicy Mexican Tamarindo Candy

De La Rosa X Picy Pulparindo Best Mexican Tamarindo Candy

When trying Tamarindo flavored Mexican candy, adding spice can double the fun. De La Rosa knows it very well; therefore, they created X-Picy Pulparindo. It comes in 20 yummy candies with an extra spicy flavor. These candies are made from natural tamarind and have a little bit of salt and spicy chili powder added.

What’s cool about this candy is that it’s not too spicy, just enough to give you a little kick in the back of your throat. It’s easy to chew because it’s made from tamarind pulp, so even kids with missing teeth can enjoy it!

I tried this candy myself, and I really liked it. It’s different from other tamarind candies, and the spiciness is right. It’s a fun snack if you want something new and unique. I’ll be getting more for myself soon!

So, if you’re curious about trying something tasty and a little spicy, try De la Rosa’s Pulparindo X-SPICY Tamarind Candy!


Item FormSoft Candy
BrandDe La Rosa
Product Weight11.3 Ounces / Package
Customer Reviews4.5 ★★★★☆
Details for De la Rosa X-Picy Pulparindo

What A Random User Says About It

I am so HAPPY to see some YUMMY things have not been taken away and replaced. I haven’t seen this at stores or gas stations 💔for years. Like everything else, I had to search Amazon😁Happy I did. If you like marshmallows, nuts, and chocolate OMG! you will not be disappointed, and YES, I recommend this chocolate candy

For the quickest home delivery, you may order it on Amazon.

Order on Amazon

I may earn a small commission through the Amazon Affiliate Program if you decide to purchase this item.

Pica Gomas Tamarind by Vero – The Most Delicious Gummy Tamarindo Mexican Candy

pica gomas tamarindo

Finally, Pica Gomas Tamarind candy by Vero is our best pick for gummy Tamarind Mexican candy. The candy is the ultimate joy for those who love sweet and sour candies. For your sweet tooth, you get natural tamarind-flavored candy coated with chili and sugar. With a perfect balance of these three ingredients, Pica Gomas ticks all the right places and wins its spot on my list of the best eight picks.

Let me tell you more about this Vero Tamarind Flavor Gummy Candies. They’re super yummy and come in a big bag with 100 pieces. You can use them for parties, Halloween, or sharing with friends and family.

These gummies have a special flavor. At first, they’re a bit sour and spicy because they’re coated with chili and sugar. But don’t worry—after that spicy start, they turn into sweet and tasty gummy candy!

I tried these candies myself, and I really liked them! They have a great mix of flavors, and you get a lot for a good price. I’d been looking for them since my friend gave me on last Halloween, and I was so happy to find them on Amazon.

If you want to try a spicy and sweet candy, try Pica Gomas Tamarind. They’re so good you won’t want to stop eating them!


Item FormGummy
FlavorTamarindo and Chili
Product Weight21.16 Ounces / packet
Customer Reviews4.3 ★★★★☆
Details for Pica Gomas Tamarind

What A Random User Says About It

Flavor and texture were exactly right. Delicious!

For the quickest home delivery, you may order it on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tamarindo candy made of?

Tamarindo candy is made of tamarind fruit pulp and sugar. However, some candies have chili powder added to make them spicy.

What is the most popular Tamarindo Mexican candy?

There are many popular Tamarindo candies in Mexico. Still, the best are Don Turinos Tamarindo Tracitos Con Chili, LORENA-PELON PELON PELO RICO, Rellerindos, Tama Roca, and Cucharita Rica. These are among the best 8 Tamarindo Mexican candies we have chiefly curated for you.

Is Tamarindo candy spicy?

No, a Tamarindo candy is not spicy unless chili powder is added.

Is Tamarindo candy safe?

Yes, tamarind candy is safe when eaten in adequate amounts; otherwise, it could cause digestion problems.


With all these options for Tamarind Mexican candy, you are now free to choose the best option according to your needs and desires. If you like spicy tamarind candy, then De la Rosa X-Picy Pulparindo and Don Turinos Tamarindo Tracitos Con Chili are the perfect options.

Gummy and chewy candies include Churro Loko by Generic and Pica Gomas Tamarind by Vero. In short, this article covers all the best options for Mexican Tamarindo candies, which are liked by thousands of customers. So, please choose your favorite candies and let us know why you liked them.

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