Duvalin Mexican Candy Flavors

Duvalin Mexican Candy – A Review of Best Flavors in 2024

A piece of candy can turn your dull moments into joyful ones, thanks to the endorphins, what we call the chemicals of happiness. One such candy that can change your mood with its tasteful flavors is Duvalin Mexican candy. You must have tried our recommendations for Mexican chocolate candy. Still, Duvalin candy is something special if you are a sweet candy lover.

In this brief review, we are going to taste and talk about different Duvalin Mexican candy flavors available on the market. This journey is going to be so flavorful, so let’s delve into the world of candies and try new flavors!

What is Duvalin Mexican Candy?

What is Duvalin Mexican Candy

RICOLINO is a famous candy-making brand in the USA that has been making delicious candies for decades. Duvalin Mexican candy is one of the best from RICOLINO. It has the ingredients that are sure to make your moments very special.

It comes in a spread form and is a bit thicker and stickier than regular jelly. The Duvalin candy is packed in an airtight, small plastic container, so the candy remains fresh and healthy for a longer time.

Considering the variations, Duvalin has 4 flavors. Still, it always comes in two, three, or four flavors packed in one container of what we call Bi Sabor and Tri Sabor 4 flavors of Duvalin Candy, respectively.

The four different flavors it comes in include:

  1. Hazelnut
  2. Strawberry
  3. Vanilla
  4. Caramel

Duvalin Mexican Candy Flavor Combinations

Duvalin candy comes in 3 basic combinations, each with a different flavor. These combinations include:

  1. Bi Sabor Duvalin Mexican Candy
  2. Tri Sabor Duvalin Candy
  3. Four flavor Duvalin Mexican candy

a) Bi Sabor Duvalin Mexican Candy Flavors

Bi Sabor Duvalin Mexican Candy Flavors

If you are not Mexican, then you should understand that Bi means ‘two’ and Sabor means ‘Flavor’. The Duvalin candy, which comes with a blend of two flavors, is called Bi Sabor Duvalin Mexican Candy.

Here are the Bi Sabor Flavors that RICOLINO offers in its Duvalin candy.

1. Duvalin Strawberry & Vanilla Mexican Sweet Candy

Duvalin Strawberry & Vanilla Mexican Sweet Candy

Duvalin is jelly-like candy that comes in a small plastic package with a net weight of 0.53 oz. On removing the package cover, you’ll see pink and white candy compartments. The pink color is for strawberry and white is for vanilla. Both flavors are so natural and tasty that you can eat them all at once.

The candy is a little thicker and stickier than your normal jelly, so it’s delicious with the combination of two flavors: strawberry and vanilla. You can try this Bi Sabor Duvalin Mexican Candy in different ways. It is equally tasty when eaten separately or by mixing these two flavors. Another way is to freeze this candy and then try it; the candy will melt in your mouth like chocolate. So, whether you want it for your kids or want to make use of it in your desserts, Duvalin candy will always be the best option.

2. Hazelnut & Vanilla Flavored Duvalin Mexican Candy

Hazelnut & Vanilla Flavored Duvalin Mexican Cand

Another amazing combination is hazelnut and vanilla. Just like strawberry and vanilla flavors, Hazelnut & Vanilla Flavored Duvalin Mexican Candy comes in a pack with two compartments separating two flavors.

When I tried this flavor, I was very happy to see that each flavor was giving its taste in a completely unique way. In most candies, you cannot differentiate the candy flavors as they are made with poor artificial flavors. But thanks to RICOLINO, we have Duvalin, which gives you the best of the flavours in all their variations.

3. Duvalin Strawberry and Hazelnut Flavored Candy

Duvalin Strawberry and Hazelnut Flavored Candy

RICOLINO provides you with the opportunity to try the delightful combination of Duvalin’s Strawberry and Hazelnut flavor candies. Each box contains four packs, totaling a generous 72 units, offering a yummy blend of hazelnut and strawberry goodness.

Perfect for any celebration, these candies elevate birthdays and holidays with their rich taste and creamy texture. These are Packaged conveniently in individual pastilles, weighing 15g each and are easy to enjoy wherever you are.

Duvalin, a renowned brand in confectionery, ensures top-notch quality, guaranteeing a satisfying treat every time. Whether on the go or at home, these soft candies promise a burst of flavor that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

b) Tri Sabor Duvalin Mexican Candy – Hazelnut, Strawberry, and Vanilla

Tri Sabor Duvalin Mexican Candy – Hazelnut, Strawberry, and Vanilla - Front
Tri Sabor Duvalin Mexican Candy – Hazelnut, Strawberry, and Vanilla - Back

Duvalin Tri Sabor is another tasty variation you will see in this luscious Mexican candy. It contains three flavors in a container including hazelnut, strawberry, and vanilla. You can try these flavors one by one or can simply mix them all and scoop them into small bites when enjoying watching movies, at family gatherings, or craving sweet candies.

The soft-frosting texture of this Duvalin Mexican candy becomes even tastier when it melts in your mouth like chocolate. I am sure your kids will love to see them in their lunch boxes for break time fun with their class fellows.

This Hazelnut, Strawberry, and vanilla-flavored Duvalin candy is best used as a spread for bread, tortillas, drinks, and desserts.

For all these delicious uses, this Duvalin Mexican candy is one of the best choices you will ever have for your candy cravings. So don’t hesitate to order your packet!

c) Duvalin 4 Sabor Hazelnut, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Caramel Candy

Duvalin 4 Sabor Hazelnut, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Caramel Candy

Another Variation that has been recently added to this Duvalin Mexican Candies series is Duvalin 4 Sabor. The best thing about this variation is that it contains all 4 flavors in a single container. Yes! You heard it right! It contains all 4 flavors of the Duvalin candy from RICOLINO.

So, no more searching for your favourite flavours when you get them all in your 4 Sabor package. The taste and use of this variation are similar to Bi Sabor and Tri Sabor Duvalin candies, as we have mentioned earlier. You will get the same mouthwatering texture and taste as you have already tried!

So, get your 4 flavored Duvalin Mexican candy from Amazon by using the button below.

How to eat Duvalin Mexican Candy: 4 Most Delicious Ways

The best thing about this Duvalin Mexican candy spread is that you can improve the way you eat it. Here are some of my favorite methods of eating this yummy candy.

1. Spreading on Bread

Spreading on Bread

For breakfast, I love to spread Duvalin candy on my bread along with Nutella and eat it like a sandwich. I’ve devised this method recently, and my family loves it. It’s time for you to try and let me know how you find it.

2. Spreading on the Desserts

Spreading on Dessert

You can also use this RICOLINO’s Duvalin Mexican Candy as a topping for your desserts and ice cream. What could be the best way to decorate your desserts with Duvalin 4 Sabor candy having 4 colorful flavors? When added as topping on ice cream and frozen cakes, the taste of desserts is doubled. Give it a try! 

3. Dipping with Fruits and Salad

Dipping with fruits

Among its healthy uses, dipping this Duvalin candy with juicy slices of strawberry, pineapple, banana, and apple makes them even tastier. The sweet and soft-frosting texture of candy, when mixed with the juicy fruits, creates the most delicious dessert you’ve ever tasted before.

4. Eat it Frozen!

Eating it frozen

Have you ever tried Duvalin Candy Frozen? If not, then you should try now. Because the candy, when frozen, tastes like an ice cream of your favorite flavors. But it melts a bit more slowly than ice cream, which means the joy is more lasting than a typical ice cream. You can also make popsicles by using wooden sticks and let it freeze overnight. All the methods mentioned above are worth trying, and I am sure you’ll use them all. Now, let’s answer your frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Duvalin candy?

Duvalin is a Mexican candy from one of the renowned candy makers, RICOLINO. It is spread-like candy that comes in four delicious flavors including hazelnut, vanilla, strawberry, and caramel. 

How do you eat Duvalin candy?

Eating Duvalin Mexican candy is fun. You can eat it on its own using the spoon that comes with the package, spread it on your bread and desserts, or try it with fruits and salads. It’s sure to give you a mouthwatering taste, and you will carve for more.

What does Duvalin taste like??

Duvalin is a creamy candy that has four tasty flavors: hazelnut, vanilla, strawberry, and caramel. It melts in your mouth like chocolate with a very lasting texture.

Does Duvalin have gelatin?

Yes, Duvalin candy contains K-gelatin in it.

How many flavors does Duvalin have?

The Duvalin Mexican candy has four yummy flavors, including hazelnut, vanilla, strawberry, and caramel. Also, it has different variations with these flavors which make it even tastier.


In a nutshell, this review article has provided you with all Duvalin Mexican candy flavors and their different variations. I’ve also mentioned how you can eat this candy in different ways, making it a unique experience for you.

The best thing about this review is that we have provided you the links to buy these favorable candies from the trusted sellers on Amazon. And, of course, all your frequently asked questions are answered at the end of the article.

So, which flavors did you like the most and why? Write in the comments section.

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